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What is Baucum Pottery?

Dale working at the wheel Brin working with a brush

Baucum is the surname of the artists who make this pottery for a living, Brin and Dale Baucum. Following is a description of the studio that was written by Dale Baucum.

Baucum Pottery is the name of our studio, established in 1973.

We are Dale and Brin Baucum; potters, parents, married to each other, committed to our art, and still very much in love with all this. Through all the years we have discovered that making pots is much like a dance; much like a song; always with new gestures to add to the tune.

And as is often the case with art, the more graceful, the more aware, the more in rhythm with nature one is, then wonderful paths of discovery start to unfold. Working with clay is a type of art that rejuvenates us every day that we encounter it. This often happens when we least expect it. This element of surprise is a vital step, in the dance of art. With our work this element of surprise often rings true as we survey the way a leaf pattern twists and turns in step with the total form of the pot. Every different pot has its own space, own time, and unique life.

Each tool leaves its own special mark on the clay, be it brush, hand, or stamp. The clay remembers the marks and displays them on its surface. This reminds the viewer of the actions that danced across the wet surface of the clay as the piece was being formed. And when the pot is finished and fired, these actions or dances are frozen memories captured in the expanded form or in the subtle gesture of the pot. All these things reflect the path of the potter.

It's not the tool, but the human spirit. The same tool in different hands will yield a wide range of results. Everyone is an individual with a wonderful uniqueness that is that persons alone. Finding that self and unlocking it, is the key that all artists share. And with the locks off, the imagination is free to soar to heights that we dare not dream of, before the shackles are removed. Inside every person is this spirit, this voice of freedom. To unlock it, is to explore the unknown. This is the free spirit that all artists cherish.

Dale Baucum