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Special Pots

This is a collection of pieces that have a special feel. These are often refered to as gifts from the kiln, meaning everything just seems to work. Sometimes that wonderful gesture of harmoney just happens as though it has a life of its own.

This double oval bowl stands on four shell shaped feet and has a cherry red and temmoku glaze. This shape has slowly taken its place with the type of work that can be found at our pottery workshop. I'm reminded of a seed pod that has opened.

Vase with wax resist design and drawingWood Ash Tea Pot

Delta Fern Bed / 2004 tile wall hanging 24"x36"

This oval platter is 18" across and has deep chrome greens under a celadon glaze. Over the years this has become a shape that we often have in the studio.

Coffee pot with temmoku glaze

WoodAsh Celadon Fern PlatterSquare Vase with Sun Flowers

Detail Hexagon PlateHexagon PlatterHexagon Platter Rim

Square vase with slip combing and a group of vases with leaf impressions, drying.

Finished vases waiting to be unloaded from the kiln.

The gingko vases with our chop marks and iron oxide brushwork, really emerged from the kiln with a warm glow in the glaze. Unloading the kiln is always a time of excitement and reflection as we start to consider, where the next work cycle will take us.

Samples of the Available Glazes