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Gallery of Photos

This is an archive of photos that is representative of the breadth of work that is Baucum Pottery.


Studio Windows

An ox blood red and green celadon glazed platter with pepper vine. 16"

leaf plate

A blue celadon and ox blood red plate with climbing fern leaves.

Square Platter

A square platter with slip combing. 20"

Wood ash and celadon glaze on a small tray Tray with twisted handles, copper red glaze with blue ash

Celadon WoodAsh Glazed Tray, Tall Covered Jar with Fern Impressions, Copper Red and Blue Ash Glazed Tray

Double Oval Bowl with Temmoku and Copper Red Glaze

Two Double Oval Bowls

ginko center of plate

A close up of a green celadon ginko leaf plate with dark green celadon around the edge.


Contemplation 16' x 50"

cherry plate

A porcelin plate with cherry decorations in the center.