Baucum Pottery


The step that is too often overlooked is waxing the bottoms of the pots before they are glazed. This is done so that the glaze will resist off the bottom and will then not stick to the shelves in the kiln when it is firing - which could get messy.

heated wax to be used on the bottoms of the pots

This is the pot that the wax (paraffin and mineral oil) is heated in until it is liquid, so that it can then be put on the pots with a brush.

waxing a mug on the small wheel

Here, a mug is being waxed while spinning on the small wheel that it is resting on.

One technique of glazing is pouring the glaze in the pot...

and then pouring it out, while making sure that it gets all the way around the edge.

The other technique used in glazing is dipping the pot into the glaze bucket...

and then wiping the glaze off of the wax on the bottom.

1 Mixing Clay
2 Making the Pots
3 Glazing
4 Bisque Kiln
5 Firing