Baucum Pottery


The stoneware is fired in a reduction fired kiln. The high temperature that it reaches is 2345º Fahrenheit, which melts cone number 10. The cones can be seen pictured later on this page.

loading, the first step before firing

Above is a picture of Brin and Dale loading the Kiln together. That is the first step toward the final step of firing the pots.

cones that tell how hot the kiln is during firing

These cones are assembled by Dale for use in firing the kiln.

bricking up the door of the kiln

The door is bricked up once all the pots that will fit on the shelves are put in. The shelves are built each time according to the numbers of each size pot.

the kiln, ready to be fired
This is a picture of the door once it is all bricked up and ready to be fired.
looking in to see how the cones are doing

This is looking into the peephole at the cones in order to see how the temperature is doing. The different colored cones melt down when it reaches a specified temperature.

turning up the temperature of the burners

Here Dale is turning up the burners after checking the progress of the cones.

a close up of one of the burners during firing

This is what the burners look like while they are on during the firing. There are two on either side of the kiln.

1 Mixing Clay
2 Making the Pots
3 Glazing
4 Bisque Kiln
5 Firing