Baucum Pottery

Bisque Kiln

the electric kiln used for bisque firing

a look inside the bisque kiln

The pots are bisqued at a temperature of 1800 degrees F. Bisquing is done in order to make the pots easier to handle when they are being glazed. They are then able to be stacked in tall stacks, so that large quantities of pots can be prepared for firing at the same time. When fired in the bisque kiln, most of the water leaves the pots, making them more absorbent to the glazes and painted on decorations. This also gets rid of the necessity of the glazes having a large percentage of clay in them so that they will not dissolve the pots when they are dipped in them, as would happen if they were not bisqued first.

1 Mixing Clay
2 Making the Pots
3 Glazing
4 Bisque Kiln
5 Firing